Music Scholarship

Desireè Lynn Gerrick Music Scholarship 

was founded in 2004 with its main focus to promote the Arts.  Through scholarships, cultural exchanges and educational programs, the foundation gives young artists from around the world the possibility of achieving their professional goals.

Music enriched her life and she in turn, through her music; enriched the lives of others.  Her dream was to pass her love of music to young children through teaching, but on October 11th, 2006 she passed suddenly at 25 years of age, unable to see her dream come true.

demonstrated a true love and talent for music from a very early age, overcoming physical difficulty, as she was partially deaf.  Desireé’s dream extended to teaching music not only to hearing children, but children with hearing impairments as well, in order to enable them to be enriched by the art of music, too.

Vancliffen Arts Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization, with its Artistic Director, Prof. Amelia Wanderlingh, and its General Manager, Dr. Fernando Milelli, in collaboration with Desireé’s Family have made her dream theirs by establishing a Music Scholarship Fund in honor of Desireé.

On May 29th 2007, the 1st Music Scholarship was awarded to Nicolas Woodliff, a senior music student at Waterloo High School in Ohio; Desireé’s High School, and where Desireé played in the High School Band.  The fund will award other scholarships to talented musicians of any musical instrument.   Scholarships will be granted through an Audition-Competition.  Details of the competition will be established at a later date.

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