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Over two decades ago, D. Gary Young discovered the profound benefits of essential oilspage1image56509248 a most remarkable story that honors him as the undisputed leader of the modern-day essential oil movement. In his quest to regain his health from a debilitating accident that left him confined to a wheelchair for life, he was determined to understand how to heal his body and walk again. He said if God would give him back his legs, he would spend the rest of his life serving God’s children.

With his recent passing on May 12, 2018, we feel deep gratitude and are in awe of his extraordinary contribution and legacy to humanity. Described as a “modern-day pioneer,” Gary was part inventor and part historian. He dedicated his life to the discovery of the ancient practices and benefits of herbs, plants, and trees that had been lost to the modern world. His research took him to the remote corners of the earth, and often back in time, to learn about the power that Mother Nature offers.

He was a man of deep spiritual awareness and devoted his entire life to the health care and well-being of all people. He traveled the world studying aromatic plant farming and distilling and developed his own proprietary techniques for extracting the oils. This led to the creation of Young Living’sSeed to Seal® process (, which is the company’scommitment to produce the purest and highest quality essential oils, which has established Young Living as the world leader in essential oils today.

Gary spent 35 years studying the benefits of essential oils, while building a multibillion-dollar global business designed to share what he deemed “the gift” of essential oils with millions of people. He formulated over 450 healthcare products now sold in over 130 countries today, with new world markets opening each year.

Gary made many discoveries as a natural health practitioner with years in clinical practice as a Doctor of Naturopathy and published 13 books and 14 research papers that relate to essential oils and nutrition. He discovered through clinical work that essential oils enhance the potency of nutrients, which became a driving force in his research. He was the first in the world to combine essential oils with herbs and different foods, which resulted in his formulations of supplements with essential oils.


Gary’S unrivaled expertise on the power of plants, combined with Mary’s (his wife) entrepreneurial spirit and experience in the direct-selling industry, led to the creation of the world’s purest and most comprehensive line of essential oils, blends, and oil-infused and chemical-free supplements, home care products, and cosmetics.

Gary Young was an Honorable Diplomat with the International Parliament for Safety and Peace for 10 years and was a spokesperson for the performing arts, with a surprise debut in Bari, Italy, for the

Vancliffen Arts Foundation.

This is your opportunity to learn about Young Living and its vast array of essential oils and supplements and how your life can be enriched in the areas of wellness, fitness, beauty, antiaging, and skin care, as well as the amazing benefiting from their healing and energy-giving properties for sports, dancing, athletic training injuries, stamina, and dexterity for the body, mind, and spirit.

Gary Young believed that essential oils are the closest physical and tangible substance to God on earth, and by combining the power of prayerand the frequency of the oils, you’re in God’s frequency. He dedicated hislife to that belief and shared his knowledge with the world with those looking for truth and a better way of life. It is up to us to make our own discoveriesby using a few precious drops and experience “the miracle of essential oils.”

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