Foreign Exchange Program – Dance In Italy

A program that has surpassed all expectations, done in collaboration with the Pavlova International Ballet School and Company in Bergamo, Italy under the Direction of Madam Svetlana Pavlova.

This Program is opened to serious Ballet students from across Canada from 14 years up and is divided into 2 sessions, Spring and Summer.

Students are chosen through an audition process and if accepted have the possibility of studying abroad in a one week Intensive Ballet Course with renowned teachers who have performed and taught at the Bolshoi Ballet Co. and Academy (Russia) and  other International Master Teachers .

The Summer Program that runs from one week to 2 months is opened to students from age 10-21.

All students in both sessions receive a Certificate of Participation

In 2009, this program was been expanded to include a 2 year Post-Secondary and Apprentice Program with the Pavlova International Ballet School  and Company.
This program has been created for students that wish to pursue a professional career in Classical Ballet.

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