Dancer Natural Health Remedies

What can a ballet dancer do that is natural and healing to their bodies when they experience strains or back pains?

The use of essential oils – a natural blend of mother nature’s chemistry, has been used for centuries in healing the body, mind and spirit.

For an ankle sprain, besides resting the ankle with ice and elevating it, use the following on your ankle:

4-6 drops of either:

  • Young Living Wintergreen essential oil
  • Young Living Lemongrass essential oil
  • Young Living Pan Away essential oil blend

It must be, guaranteed for purity and quality.

Lemongrass is medically known as an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.  It regenerates connective tissues and ligaments, dilates blood vessels, promotes lymph flow and improves circulation.

The well-known Raindrop Technique® developed by Dr. Gary Young is highly recommended for back pain, scoliosis, inflammation and injuries.  Nine essential oils are layered on the spine in a specific order.  Details are given in the soon to be released book,by Dr. Sabina DeVita.  In this book, many suggestions are given for various complaints and injuries on how they can be eased using natural remedies.