Dancer Health Problems

Classical Ballet is a demanding, difficult and highly competitive profession. Acute injuries are common occurrences for dancers such as a pulled muscle or a sudden sprain.

Besides injuries that can be a threat to a dancer’s career, exhaustion, depression, aches and pain in their bodies, dieting and hardships in touring are all other challenges a dancer faces.

To master their art, dancers need proper nourishment and natural therapies without side effects so that they can continue to perform.

Vancliffen Arts Foundation is proud to endorse a natural, safe, alternative treatment for physical injuries, scoliosis, depression, aches and pain through the inherent power of essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils is a highly regarded company for it’s impeccable standards in it’s organic essential oils and products. Just released — a simple guidebook entitiled,

“You Were Born To Dance With Ease”

by Dr. Sabina DeVita will instruct you on the many uses of the oils. The Vancliffen Arts Foundation will receive a donation for each book sold.

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