Welcome to the Vancliffen Arts Foundation


Welcome to the Vancliffen Arts Foundation

Member of CID – UNESCO
The foundation’s main focus is to promote the arts, mainly the art of Classical Ballet, through mentoring scholarships, cultural exchanges and education programs. The foundation also focuses on dance of other forms such as Tap and Jazz, Modern Jazz and Contemporary.
About the Foundation
Vancliffen Arts Foundation, founded in 2004 is a Federal, non-profit, charitable organization with an international mandate and recognitions who has as its main focus mentoring the Arts, mainly the Classical Ballet.Through scholarships, cultural exchanges and national and international competitions, we provide young artists from around the world the possibility of achieving their professional goals. These young artists work extremely hard from a very young age and have literally dedicated their lives to their chosen Art. Vancliffen Arts Foundation has made the dreams of these young people ours. Let us turn our attention to the Arts and to those young people, who through their love of beauty and their creativity, desire to emerge, not only to enrich their own lives but ours too.

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Amelia Wanderlingh, Artistic Director Vancliffen Arts Foundation

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