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2017 winners

Winners of the 13th Edition of theVancliffen "Attilas Akilas Silvester"

International Ballet Competition for Young Talents and Groups,

held in Pietra Ligure March 16- 19, 2017

Category - Groups - Youth

1st Prize - Candy Canes - Greece

2nd Prize - Fairy Dolls - Italy

Other prizes not assigned

Category - Groups - Junior

1st Prize - Kodo - Italy

Other prizes not assigned

Category - Groups - Senior

1st Prize - Affreschi - Italy

Other prizes not assigned

Category - Soloists - Youth (Ages 11-12)

1st Prizes:

Melissa Galbiati - Italy

Tudor Adrian Tutuianu - Romenia

Denisa Constantinov - Romenia

2nd Prize

Ioana Natalia Pavel - Romania

3rd Prizes

Matilde Rota - Italy

Alessia Negri - Italy

Adriella Katsantoni- Greece

Category - Soloists – Juniors – Ages 13-15

1st Prizes

Andrei Mancas - Romania

Mate Frunza - Romania

2nd Prizes

Nicole Cararra - Italy

Sabina Hultoana - Romania

3rd Prize

Ilinca Teodora Agafitei - Romania

Dragos Sabaiduc - Romania

Category - Soloists – Senior –Ages 16-18

1st Prize - Francesca Caporali - Italy

2nd Prize - Estella Gambara - Italy

3rd prize - Laura Murariu - Romania

Modern and Contemporary Division:

Category - Semi Professional

1st Prize - Edoardo Zanobini - Italy

2nd Prize - Not assegned

3rd Prize - Not assigned

Category - Senior

1st Prize - Lara Cavezza - Italy

2nd Prize - Meliti Kontou and Sofia Giannouli - Greece

3rd Prize - Not assigned

Category - Junior

1st Prize – Francesco Polese
2 nd Prize – Rebecca Ferlin

Honorable Mention - Rebecca Armata

Best Modern Dancer

Edoardo Zanobini - Italy

Best Contemporary Dancer

Francesco Polese - Italy

Scholarships and Prizes were awarded to:

Canada's National Ballet School:

Nicole Carrara - Italy

Room and Board paid by Vancliffen Arts Foundation

Andrei Mancas - Romania

Room and Board paid by Albenga Investments Ltd(Canada)

Hamilton Academy for the Performing Arts

Tuition Scholarships

Francesco Polese - Italy

Laura Murariu - Romania

Erica Green - Canada

Dragos Sabaiduc - Romania

EDAS- SIBA - Salzburg Intern. Ballet Workshop

Tuition Scholarship

Francesca Caporali - Italy

Room and board paid by Vancliffen Arts Foundation


Estella Gambara - Italy

Tuition Scholarship

Pavlova International Ballet School 

Tuition Scholarships

Erica Green - Canada

Rebecca Armata - Italy

Vittoria Tagliapietra - Italy

Lara Cavezza - Italy

Tudor Dimitru Atasiei - Romania

Jury Prizes- Artistry

Ilinca Teodora Agafitei - Romania

Sabina Hultonana - Romania

Overall Award

Francesca Caporali - Italy

Honorable Mention- Greece

Sofia Giannouli

Best Contemporary

Francesco Polese

Best Modern

Edoardo Zanobini


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